Payroll Services
Your business needs payroll. But guess what? You could be doing more with your payroll. And your payroll could be doing more for you.

Payroll Services:
Using an outsourced payroll service is typically more efficient for a small business than processing payroll internally.  Leaving payroll to experts frees up your valuable time that you can devote to other important parts of your business.  Whether it is your time, staff time, or a combination, chances are the saved time could be better spent by you winning more business, improving customer service, fine-tuning business operations or launching a new product.

Many business owners underestimate the cost of processing payroll internally by failing to account for all hours spent and resources allocated to payroll department.  Calculating employment Taxes, PF, ESI and filing of monthly, quarterly and annually payroll-related returns can be more than just a hassle.  If it's done incorrectly, your small business may face penalties and even interest on money owed since the mistake was made.  Outsourcing payroll does away with the risk of many of these costs and hassles.  A thorough cost assessment usually proves that a small business saves a lot of money by outsourcing the payroll services.

We provide payroll services to clients in all sectors.  We compute employees’ withholding tax, PF, ESI and net pay, compile payroll accounting records, prepare various reports, filing payroll related returns for the employer.  We are committed to providing you with a service that is time efficient and accurate, keeps your business compliant.